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There are hundreds of CBD oil products on the market today, but not all CBD oil is created equally. Quality and safety are the top priorities with CBD oil from Madison Avenue Pharmacy. We have progressively taken steps to ensure we only sell the highest quality hemp-derived CBD oil products available.

We proudly present from the pioneer, a full-spectrum line of CBD products, from Ananda Professional. Full Spectrum means that all of the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids (including the hemp flower) are left intact. This provides what is referred to as an entourage effect, in which cannabinoids work synergistically to promote the most therapeutic response.

Other key points that helped us to choose Ananda Professional were their home-grown approach, state of the art operations and their focus on quality and safety.

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Ananda’s homegrown approach to farming is with a clean, all-natural growing process. They start out with a patent-protected full-spectrum seed which cultivates a robust, sustainable crop. Their team stands in the field side by side with their farmers so that all are integrated into every part of the cultivation process. 100% of the product is grown outdoors in Kentucky soil and processed in the State of Kentucky.

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The FDA regulates the quality of pharmaceuticals by carefully monitoring manufacturers’ compliance with its Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations. The cGMP regulations contain minimum requirements for the methods, facilities and controls used in manufacturing, processing and packing of a product. Ananda Professional’s manufacturing is cGMP-compliant which ensures product consistency, purity and potency. Further, Ananda Professional sends each lot of finished product to an independent, accredited third-party laboratory for testing and provides a Certificate of Analysis for each product lot. Conveniently located on each bottle, the numbers can be looked up online to give specifics about what is in the exact product you have purchased. This will ease your mind as to knowing you are getting exactly what you want and exactly what you don’t want.

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Once the crops are harvested, the raw materials are processed on-site at one of the world’s most sophisticated state-of-the-art HEMP production facility and laboratory in Kentucky. Because Ananda Hemp is a completely vertically-integrated company, each product lot number can be traced to the field in which the hemp grew. This report determines the date of extraction, the farmer who grew the plant, and the Australian locale from where the seed was propagated. This cutting-edge, multi-continental platform is an industry first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hemp And Marijuana The Same?

No. These are often confused because they both come from the same plant family, Cannabis. Hemp is a variety of cannabis that is grown for its tall, sturdy stalks and low levels of THC. Hemp is completely different from marijuana in its function, cultivation and application. Hemp is used in a variety of other applications that marijuana couldn’t possibly be used in. These include healthy dietary supplements, skin products, clothing, accessories and CBD oils.

Although Marijuana also comes from the plant family Cannabis, it is grown for its high levels of THC. THC is what elicits the high. It is highly regulated, federally illegal, and can induce anxiety & psychosis. Marijuana is used for medicinal or recreational purposes.

Are CBD Products Legal?

On December 20, 2018 President Donald J. Trump signed into law the 2018 Agricultural Improvement Act, otherwise known as the 2018 farm bill. This act contained language specifically inserted by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) that completely legalized industrial hemp and ended nearly 80 years of prohibition on the plant. Hemp is now completely exempt from the definition of the controlled substance act (CSA).

Furthermore, the 2018 farm bill clarified the definition of hemp — often limited to fiber and seed — to include the entire plant, specifically the floral parts and cannabinoids derived from it. This put into motion the legal framework for the already burgeoning marketplace for hemp and CBD extracts.

What Are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are the chemicals that give the cannabis plant its medical and recreational properties. Among the 113 cannabinoids produced, THC and CBD are the most prevalent and the most well-understood. Most strains of marijuana sold today are cultivated with higher levels of THC.

THC is known for its psychoactive properties and is the reason you feel “high” after ingesting marijuana.

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and actually works to counteract the high. CBD also has numerous benefits, such as anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties.

Whether produced by the body or in a plant, these naturally-occurring compounds all interact with the endocannabinoid system.

What Is The Endocannabinoid System?

The endocannabinoid system refers to a collection of cell receptors and corresponding molecules. You can think of cell receptors like little locks on the surface of your cells. The keys to these locks are called endocannabinoids. Each time an endocannabinoid binds to a cell it relays a message, giving your cell-specific direction.

What Is The “Entourage Effect”?

Cannabinoids, terpenes and other chemical compounds found in cannabis achieve limited success when working in isolation or as individual components. Research suggests that when these individual components of the cannabis plant support one another, therapeutic benefits are magnified. Together, they produce an effect that is greater than the sum of their parts. This phenomenon is known as the “entourage effect.” The entourage effect supports the idea that whole plant medicine is superior to pure extracts.

Will I Get High From Hemp?

No. While there are at least 113 known cannabinoids produced by the hemp plant, cannabis is identified by its two active ingredients: THC and CBD. THC is the only molecule in the cannabis family with a psychoactive component. It’s the only one that will get you “high.” CBD, even at extremely high doses, will not make you feel “high.”

There are hundreds of other cannabinoids, terpenes and phytonutrients present in the cannabis plant that are beneficial to overall health and wellness; unfortunately, they are improperly associated with the properties of one molecule, THC.

Section 7606 of the Farm Bill defines industrial hemp as cannabis plants with <0.3% THC. The products we carry contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids, including THC and CBD. To maintain compliance with all laws, our products are rigorously tested to ensure a level of <0.3% THC.

Will I Fail A Drug Test If I Use Hemp/CBD Oil?

Although unlikely, it is possible that someone could fail a drug screen when using these products. Drug tests look for elevated levels of the intoxicating molecule, THC. The drug test identifies if a THC level is above a particular threshold. If so, it’s considered positive. Theoretically, you could use enough hemp extract and therefore consume enough THC to truly surpass that threshold and trigger a true positive…but it would be pretty difficult, and expensive.

Also, there is no “magic dose” of CBD oil/hemp extract that you can use and ensure you stay below the THC threshold in a drug screen. The metabolism of THC is highly individualized and depends on many variables, including body composition, activity level, dose, duration of use, etc.

However; what’s more likely is that hemp extract can trigger a false-positive. This is because the most commonly used drug tests, urine, and saliva immunoassay tests, are so common because they are quick, cheap, and easy. But unfortunately, they aren’t very specific. That means they can confuse one molecule for another, especially when they look alike. This can happen with CBD and THC, which would trigger a FALSE positive.

What Do I Do if I Get a False Positive on a Drug Test?

If you get a positive result on a urine or saliva drug screen, ask for a more specific confirmation test, such as a blood test or a hair test. These are more expensive tests, but they are much more accurate.

If you are using a full-spectrum product with small amounts of THC, these tests will either show a 100% true negative or a small level of THC. This quantification of THC will help differentiate between use of a hemp product vs use of a marijuana product.

If using a THC-free product, these will show a true negative 100% of the time.